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Diva is still under development! Follow this page for updates :)

✅ Staking testnet: live

The Diva Staking testnet is already live! It allows you to stake and withdraw your ETH on Goerli testnet.

There is also a Dune Analytics dashboard for Diva testnet to visualize network data.

Different developers are working on:

  • 📦 Wrapping wdivETH
  • 🔢 Rewards reporting UI
  • 🔌 DeFi integrations

🔜 Operator Roadmap

Diva's goal is that anyone can run a node to secure the network and generate staking rewards.

Developers are planning to ship the following major releases:

  1. Amy Release: Core validation functionality
  2. Britney Release: Improved consensus protocol, ZKP reward calculations
  3. Cher Release: MEV, tokenomics, governance, withdrawals

Mainnet deployment will be performed once the last release (Cher) is fully audited and ready to be launched.

This will allow both Stakers and Operators to fully validate its design and possibilities, so everybody can use divETH without the need to trust any centralized or permissioned party.

Join Diva the Diva community to learn more about Diva's road to mainnet including features, specs, and rewards for early contribution to the protocol. Follow Diva on Twitter or access the full community in Discord for launch announcements. 🚀